Brains, strategy and a torrent of creativity are behind each and every shoot, with the husband and wife team of Casey and Carly O’Quinn behind the operations.

Casey fell into photography sideways, coming from a background in design. Sure, he was outside shooting with his father’s 35mm when he was a kid, and he did take a brief photography class in college, but design was his calling. Or so he thought.

After starting the advertising and design firm of Gravity Digital, Casey became increasingly frustrated with the photos provided to him for album artwork, websites and print ads. The lack of creativity and depth of the work made him want to scream. So he did.

And then he literally took matters into his own hands, never looking back. He started with commercial photography, then slid sideways again into family portraits – bringing the commercial approach to the family setting.

Carly didn’t need to fall into photography per se. She was already serving as a stylist for recording artist photo shoots at a Nashville-based record label. She had the eye, skills and just the right touch to properly prep folks for the camera – not to mention an incredible mind for brainstorming concepts.

Casey and Carly combined create the magic behind Unformal Portraits, the truest representation of your family, right down to your family pets.