Stiff smiles. Awkward stances. One hand positioned strangely near the face for no apparent reason.
And let’s not forget the faux backgrounds: the stuffy library, the plastic-looking woodsy scene, the boring-as-a-lecture blue.

It’s no wonder traditional family portraits often end up buried in the back of the closet, like an embarrassing outfit you’ll never wear.

You can’t throw the thing away, but you’re not keen on actually letting anyone see it, either.

You instead keep reaching for the same outfits you find amazing. The outfits that turn heads, make you look like a superstar, and truly showcase your personality.

Casey O’Quinn Photography brings that same concept to the art of family portraits. We call our fantastical creations Unformal Portraits, and they are about as far from stiff smiles and awkward stances as the Earth is from Jupiter.

Unformal Portraits Explained

Our Unformal Portraits feature each family member in a vibrantly amusing pose doing what he or she loves most. Painting. Playing. Strumming the guitar. Drinking champagne. Doing backflips. Shooting videos. Reading a book.

Every detail, nuance, nicety, inside joke, favorite food and other teeny details are explored. We work with you to find a concept that is as unique as you are. We then bring all the family members together in a single setting, creating a whimsical montage of your unique personalities united by a common theme.

The end result is a family portrait that does more than just showcase your family members – it brings them to life, it tells your story. Remember that these are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, not photographs directly out of a camera. We will create a fantasy world with your family as the main characters.

How to Get Your Own Unformal Portrait

Each Unformal Portrait is a commissioned piece of art, custom-created specifically for you and your family. The concept and number of people determine the price, with several production levels that range from around $500 to several thousand dollars.

The cost includes meetings for the concept development, wardrobe advice, the shoot itself, post production work and a large, gallery-wrap canvas print.

Getting started is easy; simply get in touch with your ideas. We’ll respond with feedback, pricing estimates and the plan for moving forward to create your own unique masterpiece.